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Rusty Nail Handcrafted Furniture

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When I'm not woodworking, I'm behind the camera lens.  I purchased my first camera 35-years ago and the rest is history.

Rusty Nail builds quality furniture using both new and reclaimed materials builds quality furniture using both new and reclaimed materials for our clients.

Back in the good ole days of film I spent an hour trying to capture this self-portrait, sadly, if I tried to recreate this image toady I'd need my wide angle lens.  

Check out a few of our testimonials:

  • Jessica: "You are so good!! I'm increasingly impressed as I see more and more!"

Thanks!!! I was concerned that I might be overdoing it. I've never really had a platform before to share my work...

  • C. Jackson: Your photography is amazing! You are not overdoing it...keep sharing!

Rusty Nail Inspiration

If you look closely at the top of this cross, you will notice an old "rusty nail", this old rusty nail was the inspiration for my humble little woodworking business. I made this from barn wood that was on a farm previously owned by my wife's late grandfather.

Here are a few photos of our handcrafted furniture production

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Rusty Nail Photography

Specializing in weddings, portraits, and wildlife photography.

The following gallery is just a small sample of my photography work.


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